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The Accessibility and Disability Service (ADS) online portal allows students with established ADS accommodations to send electronic copies of their accommodation letter directly to course instructors.


Returning ADS students should complete the following steps within the first few weeks of the semester. Newly registered ADS students should complete these steps as soon as accommodations are finalized. Review our website for more detailed instructions.

·                   Click the “Accommodations” button in the main menu to get started. Use this section to send your accommodation letter to your course instructors. Once you submit your request, your instructor will receive an email and instructions on how to access your accommodation letter.

·                  Contact your instructor to determine how to best discuss (meeting in person or virtually, speaking via phone or email) how to implement your accommodations. Note that this discussion is an important step and some accommodations may need to be planned in advance.

·                   Contact your Disability Specialist if you have questions or need to make changes to your accommodations.

·        Click the following link to access the Detailed Implementation Plan 

 Please save a copy of your Accommodation Letter each semester for future reference, as they will not be available after the semester ends.