Student Test Scheduling and Accommodations

While classes remain online and most exams will be administered in Canvas (UMD ELMS), the test reservation tool is no longer active.  Instructors, therefore, are not alerted when students with testing accommodations, such as extended exam time, will be taking an exam in their class.  If you have an extended time accommodation, it is critical that you contact your instructors for each exam to request the extension online.  Instructors have the necessary directions to extend your time, but you must be sure to ask for it.

**Please note, effective June 1st, 2020, ADS will have a new accommodation letter procedure that requires students to provide their accommodation letter to their instructors via the portal. ADS students with testing accommodations will not be able to schedule their exams online (or manually in person) until they have shared their accommodation letter with their professor through the portal. Test bookings will only be enabled in classes in which you have shared your accommodation letter.


Welcome to the Student Test Scheduling and Accommodations website. You can use this website to:


·         Schedule a test, mid-term, or quiz

·         Schedule a final exam

·         Check your upcoming scheduled appointments, tests and final exams

·         View your approved accommodations

·         Print out a pdf copy of your accommodations letter

Please click a menu item to the left that you would like to use. You will be asked to log in using your UMD Directory ID and Password.

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