Student Test Scheduling and Accommodations

**Test bookings will only be enabled in classes in which you have shared your accommodation letter with the instructor via the portal.
If your accommodations have been updated, you will need to share your letter again. 

 Welcome to the Student Test Scheduling and Accommodations website. You can use this website to:


·         Schedule a test, mid-term, quiz. or final exam
NOTE: (You must schedule at least 1 week in advance for Fall & Spring Semesters)

·         Check your upcoming scheduled appointments, tests and final exams
(Location assignment is not displayed until 10 hours before your test start time)

·         View your approved accommodations

·         Print out a pdf copy of your accommodations letter

Please click a menu item to the left that you would like to use. You will be asked to log in using your UMD Directory ID and Password.



If you receive an error message OR you do not receive a confirmation email within 5 minutes of creating your exam reservation, you MUST email right away to report difficulties booking.
* If you do not email us immediately we will be unable to assist once you have missed the deadline.

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