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After careful consideration, we have decided to reinstate the previous procedure until there has been sufficient time to collaborate and develop a system that is mutually beneficial to the faculty and the ADS office.

In the meantime, ADS will continue to provide two options for accommodated examination retrieval, which are listed on the Test Authorization Form. 


Once a student with a registered disability completes an accommodated exam in the ADS office, there is one of two ways in which the student’s completed exam will be returned to the instructor.


     1.  Delivery Service: ADS staff will hand deliver tests, examinations and quizzes to the instructor or designee, according to information provided by instructors on the Test Authorization Form.


     2. Exam Pick-up:  Instructors or their designee, will pick up completed student examinations, tests, and quizzes from the ADS office.

We will continue to evaluate our procedures to ensure that we are providing optimal testing services to the university community. 


Welcome to the Instructor online portal. This site allows you to:

  • Confirm student test/exam requests (i.e., date and time)
  • Complete the required Test Authorization Form (TAF) to provide instructions for administering the test/exam
  • Upload a copy of your upcoming test, exam, or quiz

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