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In response to increased interest in utilizing a digital platform for receiving and maintaining accommodation letters, ADS has made changes to the accommodation letter procedure. Effective June 1st, 2020, new features in this online portal will allow students with established ADS accommodations to send electronic copies of their accommodation letter directly to course instructors.  Faculty will be able to view students’ accommodation letters within the ADS online portal and retain digital copies (during the current semester), eliminating the need for use and maintenance of paper accommodation letters.   

Please note, students are still expected to have a private meeting with instructors to discuss their accommodations, get their Acknowledgement Form signed, and if necessary, complete a Detailed Implementation Plan.

Currently registered students are encouraged (although not required) to meet with instructors within the first several weeks of class and newly registered students are encouraged to meet with instructors as soon as is feasible.  Students have been instructed to meet with course instructors after having shared an electronic copy of their accommodation letter.


For more guidance on this new process, please review our tutorial, located on the Resources for Instructors section of the ADS website.  


Should you experience any problems with the portal, either logging on, seeing your classes, or viewing student accommodation letters after receiving a notification email, please complete an ADS Help Ticket using the link below. This will allow ADS to document your concern and collect information needed to expedite a resolution for you. Please note, we are currently unable to add co-instructors to our system to receive accommodation letter notifications, however this is an improvement we are working on with our data feed.

Welcome to the Instructor online portal. This site allows you to:

  • View and acknowledge accommodation letters for students in your course
  • Confirm student test/exam requests (i.e., date and time)
  • Complete the required Test Authorization Form (TAF) to provide instructions for administering the test/exam
  • Upload a copy of your upcoming test, exam, or quiz

Please click the courses link to get started. You will be asked to login using your UMD Directory ID and Password.


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