Welcome to the ADS Note Taker Module

 This page is intended for students applying to become Note Takers and those who are already serving as Note Takers.

If you are an ADS student with a note taking accommodation and are looking for procedures for obtaining a Note Taker,  please click on the Course-Notes module https://go.umd.edu/adsCourseNotes. ADS students with a note taking accommodation may not serve as a peer note taker.

Students who are interested in applying to become a Note Taker must start the application process by setting up your Profile. Once you have completed your profile you do not need to complete it again in subsequent semesters.  You can, however, return to your profile to make changes or to update your information.

Click Course/Notes in the menu above to get started.

Instructions on the application process as well as information about uploading sample notes and Guidelines for Note Takers can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) tab in the menu above.


If you are chosen as a Note Taker the compensation you will receive at the end of the semester is based upon the number of weeks you take notes and number of credits for the class. If you take notes for the entire 15.5 weeks of the semester you will receive $25.75 per credit for undergraduate courses and $36.05 per credit for graduate courses. If you only take notes for the lecture portion of a course that also has a discussion or you only take notes for the once a week discussion, the number of credits will be prorated accordingly. For example, if you only takes notes for the once a week discussion and not the twice a week lecture too, you will get paid for 1 credit instead of 3. If you are selected to take notes for lecture and discussion you would get paid for all 3 credits. Please note the number of students that select you as their Note Taker in a particular course does not impact the amount of money earned.

Within 1-2 weeks of being selected, initiate the payroll process by completing and submitting the following forms to our Human Resources team at cc-payroll@umd.edu . Please note payroll forms only need to be completed once a semester.

Note Takers are compensated for their service at the end of the semester.

If you have any questions about employment, payroll, or any of the information above, please contact our Human Resources Team:

Donna Edwards or Jeremy Lightner: cc-payroll@umd.edu

As a reminder - students are encouraged to sign up to be a Note Taker at the beginning of each semester for all of the classes in which they wish to provide this service.  If you have any questions, please see the ADS contact information below or visit our website at https://www.counseling.umd.edu/ads/notetakers/.


ADS Note Taking Contact Information