Frequently Asked Questions for Note Takers:



1.      How do I apply to be a Note Taker?

a.       Review the instructional handout for step-by-step directions with screenshots.


Steps to Apply:


  1. Go to and click on Current Students

  2. Select the Note Takers icon

  3. You will be directed to the Central Authentication Service (CAS); sign in with your UMD Directory ID and Password

  4. Set up your Note Taker Profile to apply to be a Note Taker. If previously completed, skip to step 6 by clicking Courses/Notes tab in upper left menu

  5. Read and acknowledge (check box) the Confidentiality Agreement

  6. Select in which course(s) you would like to serve as a Note Taker for the semester

  7. Upload your Sample Notes – your application will not be complete until this step is finished

    1. It is important to understand, if you are applying to serve as a Note Taker in more than one class, sample notes are required for each individual class.

  8. After ADS reviews your application and it is determined to be complete, you will be considered an eligible Note Taker. If selected by an ADS student who is seeking a Note Taker, you will receive an email from ADS that you have been chosen and should immediately begin uploading notes. The ADS student will see your name and email address. You will not have their information unless they choose to contact you.

  9. After receiving the email confirming you are chosen as a Note Taker, complete  all required paperwork to receive compensation following the conclusion of the semester. Links to required paperwork can be found on  Email completed documents to our HR Team


2.      What are sample notes used for?

a.       The sample notes are reviewed by students with an approved note taking accommodation to help them determine which approved Note Taker they would like to choose to provide notes for them.


3.      How do I upload sample notes?

a.       Review the instructional handout for step-by-step directions.

b.      Potential Note Takers must upload sample notes for each course for which they are interested in being a Note Taker. The application process is not complete until sample notes have been uploaded for each course.


4.      How does the Note Taker selection process work?

a.       Once your profile and sample notes have been uploaded, students with an approved note taking accommodation will have the option to review all sample notes and select a note taker based on these samples. You will be contacted via email, if selected to be a Note Taker.


5.      Can I be a note taker for multiple classes?

a.       Yes, students are encouraged to apply to take notes for any classes in which they are currently enrolled.


6.      What if I am not selected for the current semester?

a.       The demand for a note taker changes every semester, so if you are not selected during the current semester, please do not be discouraged. The ADS welcomes you to reapply in all future semesters.


7.      What do I do if I drop/withdraw from the course for which I was a Note Taker?

a.       Email to inform them of your schedule change.


8.      What do I do if the student I was performing the note taking service for drops/withdraws from the class?

a.       Email to discuss how this change impacts your compensation.


9.      Will the student I am sharing notes with know my identity/contact information?

a.       Yes. The system will display your name and email address.


10.  Will I know the identity/contact information of the student with whom I am sharing notes?

a.       No. By using the online portal, Note Takers will only see a need for notes in a class (ex. History 100), but the identity and contact information of the person receiving notes is confidential (unless they choose to identify themselves by contacting you).


11.  Can I become a Note Taker for a friend in my class?

a.       Yes. If you have created a profile and uploaded a sample of your notes, your peers are welcome to select you as their Note Taker.


12.  How do I get paid for my note taking?

a.       In order to get paid, Note Takers must complete all payroll forms.  Links to required payroll forms can be found on  Email completed documents to our HR Team Failure to complete forms in a timely manner, could delay your compensation.


13.  What type of payment do I receive?

a.       Note takers are compensated for sharing notes throughout the semester via a one-time payment that is disbursed at the end of the semester. Compensation is based on the number of weeks you provide notes, the number of credits of each course, and whether the course is undergraduate or graduate level. In addition, number of credits will be determined if you are taking notes for all days the course meets or just for lecture or just for discussion. Taking notes for lecture and discussion would make you eligible for the full amount of credits.


14.  Can I get paid for taking notes in multiple classes?

a.       Yes. Your payment is correlated to the number of classes in which you provide notes for an ADS student. Please note if you only take notes for lecture or only for discussion but not both the number of credits will be prorated accordingly.


15.  What if I have questions about my Payroll paperwork?

a.       Please direct all questions about your paperwork to


16.  What should I do if I miss class?

a.       If you are unable to attend class, it is your responsibility to arrange for a substitute Note Taker for that day.

b.      If your absence will be long term (i.e. missing multiple days or weeks of class), it would not be appropriate for you to remain the Note Taker.


17.  How do I contact ADS note taking staff with questions/concerns?

a.       You can contact ADS Note Taking staff by emailing us at or by calling us at 301-314-7989 with your questions or concerns.


18.  What are some helpful tips to being a note taker?

a.       It is useful to upload a sample related to the course you are offering to take notes for (uploading math notes for a math course).

b.      If you plan on handwriting your notes, upload a sample of handwritten notes; likewise if you plan on typing your notes, upload a sample of typed notes.

c.       If you are uploading hand written notes, please ensure your writing is legible and the scan is clear.

d.      List the date at the top of your notes.

e.       List the course at the top of your notes.

f.       Number each page of your notes.

g. Upload a note when there are no notes to upload for a specific day such as "exam day, no notes 1/1/23" or "class canceled, 1/1/23"