Frequently Asked Questions for Students with an ADS Approved Note Taking Accommodation:

1.       How do I request a Note Taker for a class?

            a.       You must be approved by your ADS Counselor for a Note Taker accommodation before you can use the note taking system. The following procedures only apply to you if you have been approved for a note-taking accommodation. You may review the instructional handout for additional information.


b.      Step 1

                                                               i.      You must indicate that you require a Note Taker for each course for which you would like to receive notes. Click on the 'Courses / Notes' link in the main menu, then click on 'No - change this' beside each course for which you require a Note Taker.

c.       Step 2

                                                               i.      If a Note Taker is available for your course(s) you will see a button labeled 'Select a Note Taker' in the 'Note Taker availability' column of your course list. Click on the button to view the list of available Note Takers. You are able to browse sample notes that each Note Taker has uploaded in order to help you make your decision.

d.      Step 3

                                                               i.      Once you have selected a Note Taker, you are able to download the notes that have been uploaded by your Note Taker. Click on the 'Notes' button beside the course you wish to download notes for. Be aware that you should download your notes at least once per week. If you wait until the night before a test or exam, the system could be unavailable and ADS staff are not available to assist you after regular business hours.


2.       How do I cancel a Note Taker in my class if I no longer need the accommodation, or have withdrawn from the class?

            a.       Please review the instructional handout for step-by-step directions.


3.       Do I get to select my own Note Taker, or is one assigned to me?

            a.       Students with an approved note taking accommodation have the opportunity to select their own Note Taker using the Online Portal.


4.       Will there be sample notes available for me to review to help me decide who to select as a Note Taker?

            a.       Yes. All Note Takers create a profile which includes a sample of their notes. Viewing these sample notes may aid in the Note Taker selection process.


5.       Can I ask a friend or classmate to be my Note Taker directly?

a.       Yes. If you know someone who would be interested in providing this service, please discuss the opportunity with them. If they have created a profile, you will have the same opportunity to select them as your Note Taker as you would all other applicants.



6.       What if I am having difficulty in finding a Note Taker?

a.       Please speak with your instructors to have the note taking advertisement distributed to your classes. You may also contact ADS note taking staff for assistance.


7.       How do my instructors share the note taking advertisement in my classes?

a.       ADS will provide verbiage you can share with your instructors to make this announcement. An announcement is not automatically made; you will need to  personally ask your instructors to do this on your behalf.


8.       Will my instructors use my name in the note taking advertisement?

a.       No. Instructors will only announce that a Note Taker is needed for the class, keeping your name confidential. Your identity will remain anonymous throughout the note taking process (unless you choose to contact your Note Taker which may identify yourself).


9.       Can I change my Note Taker once I select one?

a.       Yes, students are allowed to change their Note Taker. In order to do so, you must contact ADS note taking staff to discuss.


10.   How do I obtain copies of my notes?

a.       Students can download their notes directly through the Online Portal. Please review the instructional guide for more detailed information.


11.   What do I do if my notes are not uploaded directly after class?

a.       Note Takers are required to upload notes promptly after class has ended. If there is a significant delay (more than 24 hours), please contact ADS note taking staff for assistance.


12.   Does my Note Taker know who I am?

a.       No. By using the Online Portal, Note Takers are not informed who they are sharing notes with. Note Takers will only see a need for notes in a class (ex. History 100), but the identity and contact information of the person receiving notes is confidential. However, by choosing to contact your Note Taker, you are choosing to identify yourself to your Note Taker.


13.   Will I know the identity of my Note Taker?

a.       No. The system will label each approved Note Taker applicant as “Note Taker” with an assigned number (ex: Note Taker # 3). Once you select your Note Taker you will be able to see their name and contact information.


14.   Will I know my Note Taker’s contact information?

a.       Yes. The system will display the name and email address of your chosen Note Taker.


15.   How do I contact ADS note taking staff?

a.       Please email directly with any questions or concerns.


16.   Am I responsible for paying my Note Taker?

a.       No. The ADS provides compensation that is paid directly to the selected Note Taker at the end of the semester.


17.   Since the note taking process has changed, am I still required to use the old note taking packets?

a.       No. Now that all note taking requests are completed within the Online Portal, the old note taking packets are no longer relevant.